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When to use NoSQL/key-value store?

24 March 2011 by , No Comments

I’ve been meaning to look into this for some time to get my head around these fancy new databases and find out when I should consider using them. I’ve come to the conclusion that you generally wouldn’t use an object/key-value database on it’s own.  You have your main relational database for important data that is […]

Getting Live HTTP Headers to work with Firefox 4

8 March 2011 by , 11 Comments

UPDATE: The official Live HTTP Headers add-on now works with Firefox 4: Download Here: Note this is a temporary solution, and worked for me with Firefox 4 b12: Download the .xpi file (Use right-click save as or Firefox will try to install the add-on) Rename .xpi to .zip Unzip the contents Edit install.rdf Under […]

Firefox Tip: Quick selection of awesomebar item

8 March 2011 by , No Comments

Can’t believe I didn’t notice this before; after typing in a few letters of the site you are looking for rather than pressing the down arrow key, you can just press Tab to highlight the next item in the selection of sites (and Shift-Tab to go backwards).  Yey for keeping your fingers on the home […]