Getting Live HTTP Headers to work with Firefox 4

UPDATE: The official Live HTTP Headers add-on now works with Firefox 4:

Download Here:

Note this is a temporary solution, and worked for me with Firefox 4 b12:

  • Download the .xpi file (Use right-click save as or Firefox will try to install the add-on)
  • Rename .xpi to .zip
  • Unzip the contents
  • Edit install.rdf
  • Under the <–Firefox –> Section change <em:maxVersion>3.6.*</em:maxVersion> to <em:maxVersion>4.0.*</em:maxVersion>
  • Rezip the files
  • Rename it back to .xpi from .zip
  • In Firefox do file open, and open the .xpi file.

The add-on should install, just restart Firefox and use as normal.

Note: It works on my machine, however your mileage my vary.  Obviously, I recommend that you keep an eye out for an official update and install the proper version as soon as it’s available…


Firefox Tip: Quick selection of awesomebar item

Can’t believe I didn’t notice this before; after typing in a few letters of the site you are looking for rather than pressing the down arrow key, you can just press Tab to highlight the next item in the selection of sites (and Shift-Tab to go backwards).  Yey for keeping your fingers on the home keys!

On an partially related note, I’ve been giving the Firefox 4 Beta (12) a try today – if you are using Firefox daily, and don’t mind losing some of your add-ons – upgrade now.  It’s rock solid, and like lightning compared to 3.6!